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'91 Rainey Replica RZ500

Owner: Mike Cichetti, Huntingdon Valley, PA USA

This bike is dedicated to all of us who think that valves are for toilets, and love the sight of blue smoke.

I'd like to give special thanks on this project to BJ MacDonald, who is responsible for this machine. He created a true street-going replica of the 1991 World Championship bike. The attention to detail is phenomenal, and I couldn't be more pleased. Without his genius and hard work none of this would have been possible.

Other who helped make this project a reality include Wyn Belorusky, who made all the brackets, silencers, created the kick stand and supplied the body work and a ton of encouragement and sage advice. Lee Buzelek, who supplied the donor machine, all the guys at the BikeWorks in Glenside, and of course to my lovely wife Lynne, who puts up with my lunacy and can scare BJ.

We don't need no stinking valves...!

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  • Frame: Spondon, aluminum
  • Swingarm: Spondon, gull arm
  • Front End: 1993 GSXR 750
  • Shock: Ohlins
  • Wheels: Marchesini Magnesium 3.5" front, 6" rear
  • Tires: Dunlop D207
  • Bodywork: 1991 YZR 500, carbon fiber
  • Engine: by BJ MacDonald, featuring 4 upper cylinders
  • Pipes: Custom, by BJ MacDonald
  • Silencers: Carbon Fiber, by Wyn Belorusky
  • Carburetors: Mikuni 28mm flat slides mounted in the V
  • Radiator: GSXR 750
  • Steering Damper: Toby, with custom brackets by Wyn Belorusky
  • Chain: 520 Regina
  • Front Brakes: Tokicko 6 piston
  • Rear Brake: Brembo
  • Brake Lines: Russell steel braided
  • Fasteners: Titanium or aluminum
  • Instruments: Spa tachometer, Daytona temperature gauge
  • Side Stand: by Wyn Belorusky
  • Paint Scheme: 1991 Wayne Rainey Marlboro Yamaha
  • Paint: Taped by BJ MacDonald, shot by Leydon Restoration
  • Graphics: TapeWorks

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