Replacement temp sender? Not OEM, Updated:Resolved w/ part #

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Replacement temp sender? Not OEM, Updated:Resolved w/ part #

#1 Post by 2Smoke4Life » Tue Jul 11, 2017 3:33 pm

Hey 2Smokers
I'm looking for a replacement coolant temp sender that's N/O until XXXdeg (200F?) then grounds out.
A cooling fan type switch. For Koso replica gauge unit idiot light, but also might add cooling fan so it would be key for that.

FOUND it! Standard Motor Products TS305, Thermo switch 90C ($25)
fits like it was made for the RZ, just needed to open up OE spade connector for it to slide on.

For the $80 total including this thermoswitch & new OEM style connectors, this instrument pkg is a pretty good deal.
Figuring out the wiring was kind of a pita.
Gear indicator & associated wiring (reed switchs & magnet) coming next.
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