***Closed***Aftermarket exhaust flange/spigot set RD350 F2/N2 needed

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***Closed***Aftermarket exhaust flange/spigot set RD350 F2/N2 needed

#1 Post by kjellz » Wed Jul 18, 2018 9:38 am

**** Got a set of old style Toomey cylinder flanges that looks like they can be modified slightly and fit my Figarolis.
***Update to my initial request. If someone has some old beat up stock pipes where the cylinder connection pipe piece and retainer bracket (cut off at neck??) is still usable I am interested as well.

I have an old set of Figaroli chambers of which the flanges/spigots are more or less useless due to a very poor fit to the cylinder outlets and they do not utilize the stock gaskets properly either making it hard to seal properly.

I therefore wonder if anyone has or knows of anything that would fit in the place of the old ones?

The OD of the original exhaust spigot is 38mm and thus that is key for what I am looking for and maybe some other aftermarket brand has something that would fit without mods? Checked with Toomey and they say about 40mm OD on theirs.

Thanks for reading.
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