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Wolf in Stock RZV500R Clothing

Owner: Nick Gargano, L.A., California, USA

My goal was to build a stock-appearing RZV at first glance, then upon closer inspection you would notice all the different modifications I've done to the bike.

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  • Stock RZV 500cc, V-4, 2-stroke
  • Air filter is a Unifilter in stock air box
  • Stainless-steel Lomas pipes

  • Stock RZV frame
  • Honda Hawk 650 swingarm with Galfer brake line routed into the swingarm
  • Custom brake stay made from aluminum
  • Marchesini rear wheel, 5.5 x 17
  • Marvic front wheel, 3.5 x 17
  • 1992 FZR1000 front end with Sunstar rotors and Galfer brake lines
  • Custom machined bar ends
  • Works Performance rear shock
  • Under seat oil tank
  • Stainless allen bolts throughout the chassis
  • Rear panels cut to the bottom of the blue stripe
  • Custom rear tail light
  • Gearing: 15 front and 40 rear

Special thanks go to my good friend Oka-san (K. Okamoto) in Japan for all his help and patience in finding me all the parts I needed. RGV Steve in Florida for all of his great custom work. Mark Rosenfeld for his assistance and use of his facilities. Karl at for parts and great service. Most of the detail painting and polishing work done by myself.

Have any questions on the production of this bike?
E-mail Nick here.

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