Bodywork painting and lacquering

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Bodywork painting and lacquering

#1 Post by alexm » Tue Apr 10, 2018 6:30 pm

I have recently had my 1987 RD500LC UK bike back after a full bodywork repaint.

Whilst very original prior to the restoration I explained that the side panels needed to be colour coded internally as currently installed and the decals need to be lacquered over. Upon checking the quality of the painting I noticed the side panels have all been painted black and the only decals that have been lacquered are on the petrol tank.

All other decals have not been lacquered and already starting to peel off even though the bike has not yet been ridden.

I spoke with the company who undertook the work who have advised they have done the bodywork to original factory spec. Is this correct or should all the decals be lacquered and the insides of the side panels painted white and red.

If this is the case some photos would be excellent as I can then pass these on to the restoration company so they can put it right.



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Re: Bodywork painting and lacquering

#2 Post by silverstrom » Tue Apr 10, 2018 10:43 pm

The only decals lacquered over should be the petrol tank. The rest are applied on top, including the premium petrol decal on the tank.

Where did you buy your decal kit?

If decals are peeling already I wonder if they were applied too soon after painting?

This link will show you what the inside of the front side panels look like from Yamaha. It's not like Yamaha set out with that in mind. It's overspray and tape lines and done for expedience. The mask what you need and nothing more approach. All black inside seems to be the standard now, just like the inside of the upper fairing. ... Swbe5abdQA" onclick=";return false;
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Re: Bodywork painting and lacquering

#3 Post by Speed Freak » Wed Apr 11, 2018 4:46 pm

Decals on plastic parts are usually not clear coated because there is the risk that the paint will crack and peel off from the decal when you bend the plastic parts.
On steel fuel tanks there is no risk of bending the decals as you will have a dent in the tank if you bend it :mrgreen:

I think if you clear coat decals on RD500 plastic parts you will not have issues as the plastic is so brittle, it breaks before you can bend it...
But if you try to bend a modern plastic part you will understand it, they are really flexible.

And if the decals already peel off it can have more reasons:
- Applied too early (still some solvents in the paint)
- Old stickers
- Bad material, maybe you can find the manufacturer logo and type on the back of the silicone paper.
- Surface not cleaned or glue side of the decals touched with the fingers.

Standard for such decals is material from 3M or Orafol (I`m using Oracal 751C)
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